30 Day Tight Tummy Challenge

30 Day Tight Tummy Challenge

Its April! The start of the second quarter of 2019! 

I don't know about you, but when I reach the end of a quarter, I take some time to sit down and reflect on how the past 3 months went. I think about (and write down) what I have accomplished, what I have struggled with, things I need to do to increase the quality and productivity of the next quarter, and I set some goals for the rest of the year!

Something that I noticed today when writing down all these things is that I haven't been 100% consistent with the plans I had set out for each month; in fitness, in business, and in travel. I blame this completely on myself as I didn't write out specific plans to start out and didn't make sure that I was kept accountable.

For this reason, I thought of you hunnies, and how I could best help you this month! This brought me to creating a 30 Day Tight Tummy Challenge. For those of you familiar with my Big Booty Tight Tummy program, you can see at first glance that this challenge doesn't compare to the depth and strength component of the program, but it provides a great way to keep track of moving at least once a day. And who doesn't want a tight tummy, am i right?!

The entire challenge is made of 4 ab exercises designed to bring your waist in, flatten it and get you SNATCHED for the summer. As you read through each day, you will see that some days there are actions that don't require the regular abdominal exercises. These call to actions represent the focus that we should also have on sleep, stress management, water consumption, and proper diet that all come into play when we are working on making the tummy tighter!

I encourage you to download this calendar, print it out, and stick it to either your fridge, mirror, or somewhere in your room. The exercises will take up to 5 minutes, but you will feel 1000% better having done them to start or end your day (or even on your lunch break)

Note that at the bottom there are guidelines for how much water you should be trying to drink throughout (at the very least). The first week you should be having at least 3 -8oz glasses of water, as the month progresses, we work our way up to 8 glasses, which I would recommend continuing to drink this amount even after the challenge!

If you want to be really challenged and push past some plateaus this month, make sure to check out my BBTT (Big Booty Tight Tummy) program, which includes full home and gym options for every day of the month and demonstration videos for each exercise!

LASTLY! If you are doing this challenge, make sure to hashtag #tighttummybygrowwithjo in your posts across all social media platforms so that we can keep each other accountable and cheer each other on!

I cant wait to see you crush your goals this month, and feel amazing through movement and self-care!





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