It's time to do something for *you*.

It's time to do something for *you*.

Deciding to focus more on yourself, letting go of excuses and diving deep into your fitness goals will make the biggest impact on your life.

There's so many times I wanted to say "I'll workout tomorrow, I'm too tired after all I've done today". But I realized that taking care of me, and pushing towards my goals, is what will help me show up as a mom, wife, friend, and business owner in a fulfilling way.

These videos are four months apart.

It took dedication and discipline. It took me finding accountability from my friends, husband, and even myself to get here. I continued to stick with my intermittent fasting regimen to structure my day, and rotated between my video programs to target different areas of my body along the week. (Click here if you're interested in learning more about my intermittent fasting routine).

Getting started can be tough but as time goes by, seeing some improvements, you'll want to do more each day.

It's YOUR turn to do something for you. Use SWEAT50 for 50% off.

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