ABS!! Get abs in 2 weeks with NO EQUIPMENT What a fun challenge this is, with a killer workout that you can do at home or the gym and get a good sweat on! Of course eating a healthy, balanced diet high in protein and leafy greens will accelerate your progress, so make sure that you are following a healthy regimen with your eating habits.

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This workout is comprised of 7 exercises meant to torch calories and cinch that waist nicely. The exercises (and how to perform them) are as follows:

1. Plank Jack to Twist - get yourself into a high plank, and jump your legs in then out, then bring one knee up to the opposite elbow to crunch your midsection. Make sure that when you are in the plank position, you keep your hips in line with your spine (you are not raising your hips to compensate) and that you are pushing your belly botton into your spine.

2. Inchworm Jump Ins- starting in a forward fold, walk your hands out in front of you until you reach a high plank position. Once you get into high plank, jump your feet towards your hands, and jump back. Keep your core as tight as possible; use your core to propel your feet forward in the jump.

3. High Plank Reaches- get into a high plank, and without any rush, lift your hand off the ground one at a time and raise it straight in front of you as to create a straight line with your arm and your body, Hold there for 2 seconds and return to high plank. Alternate arms. Make sure not to twist your body so that your hips stay level and parallel with the ground. Push your belly button in and make your high plank a strong, statue-like plank position. Only your arms should move.

4. High Plank Twist Jacks- getting into a high plank, jump your legs up as if going into a plank jack, then use your obliques (sides of your abs) to twist your hips and bring your feet to replace each other then twist again with your jump to do the opposite side. Use the sides of your abs as much as possible (your obliques) to get this full twist. It should burn up your sides!

5. Boat Holds- in a seated position, with your legs directly in front of you, lift your legs off the ground so that your shins are level with your eyes, lean back so that you feel tension in your mid-to lower abs, then lift your arms up and down by your side to increase and decrease intensity of the hold. Focus on your mid lower abs during this movement!

6. Bird Dog to Superman- on all fours, raise one leg and your opposite arm at the same time, then do the opposite side, keeping your core tucked and stable. Then let your body down onto your mat, extend your arms and legs, and lift them at the same time (superman pose) - you should feel this in your mid to lower back. return to all fours and repeat.

7. Low Plank Single Leg Crunch- get into a low plank on your forearms, and one at a time, lift your foot up, bringing your knee to your chest, raising your hips only slightly. You should feel this straight up the midline of your abs. Tuck your hips in so that your belly button is pushed against your spine, this will make the exercise MOST effective! DO THESE EXERCISES FOR 2 ROUNDS and dont forget to track your progress and completion of each day in the comments! YOU GOT THIS!



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