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Feeling unfocused, bloated and/or low energy? Feeling like you need to hit the “reset” button on your nutritional habits and metabolism? Well, here’s your opportunity to press that button!

If you need a way to…


… refocus, recharge, and reset your mindset 

… boost your metabolism 

… renew your motivation

… reduce bloating significantly

… re-energize your days and get rid of sleepless nights 

Then the Five Day Reset is for you!  

The Five Day Reset is written by Kinesiologist; Johanna Sophia, and Certified Nutritionist; Nicole Kaumanns. The Five Day reset guides you through methods to boost your energy and metabolism, and can be done several times a year to give yourself that “reset” whenever you feel you need it. 

The Five Day Reset is more than just a meal guide. You will be guided through other forms of resetting to make the change last

Grab the Five Day Reset ebook now and have access to delicious recipes, meal plans, and clear information on how you can reset

The best form of self care is by allowing yourself to reset.