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      Are you looking for the ULTIMATE workout guide tailored to both home and gym? The BBTT Bundle is exactly what you need.


      BBTT I is a workout program that can be done at home. No equipment needed. Join thousands of women who have completed this program and have seen results in just one month. BBTT I is designed to build lean muscle mass, lose belly fat, and gain confidence. This PDF includes links to exclusive videos with tutorials on how to properly complete each exercise. 

      BBTT II is a follow up to the first BBTT which must be completed at a gym. This workout program is six weeks long and is separated into three phases: 

      • Phase 1 (Week 1- Week2)
      • Phase 2 (Week 3 - Week 4) 
      • Phase 3 (Week 5 - Weak 6) 


      In each phase, new exercises and routines are added in order to rev your metabolism, build lean muscle mass, and optimize fat loss. This program is designed to keep you consistently motivated by creating fresh challenges throughout every phase.


      This program is perfect for any woman at any fitness level. Whether you are a beginner wanting to build your confidence at home then start at a gym, or simply wanting workout location options, this bundle is perfect for you. 


      Together, the BBTT I & II bundle holds a value of $110.00. Today you can get the bundle for $35.99!