Beat Your Sugar Addiction (Workbook + Printer Friendly PDF)

Beat Your Sugar Addiction (Workbook + Printer Friendly PDF)

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Are you feeling bloated all the time?

Is your sweet tooth stopping you from reaching your goals? 

Do you have a weight loss goal that you cant seem to achieve?

Do your workout efforts feel like they are in vain cause the weight on the scale just wont budge?

This "Beat Your Sugar Addiction Workbook" will take you on a journey to realize what is stunting your progress, and help you adjust and fix it right then and there.

This 20 page workbook will challenge you to resist the urge of eating foods that will stunt your progress, encourage you to track how much you are drinking, sleeping, and moving, and will ultimately put you on a path to getting to your health and fitness goals faster!

This product is a downloadable workbook that can be printed so that you can use it at home.

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Here are 3 examples of what you will find in the workbook.