No Excuse Challenge Video Program
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    No Excuse Challenge Video Program


      No equipment required means no excuses allowed! 

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      Follow me committing to HIIT style training for 30 days. Each day includes a workout designed to torch calories and make you sweat. After 5 days of workouts you will take a well-deserved day of rest to recuperate and prepare your body for another week of workouts.

      This 30 day challenge is for YOU if you need a challenging workout program that is easy to follow!  Each move will be written on the screen, and you can follow me in real time. 

      If you have trouble with:

      • Staying on track 
      • Following a workout program from start to finish 
      • Losing your last 5-10 pounds 
      • Getting and staying motivated

      … then the no excuses challenge is exactly what you need to jumpstart your fitness journey and add variety to your current routine. 

      Looking for a program that coaches you through each move, set, and rep?  Head over to the BBTT Video Program where you can join me and the BBTT crew get a sweat on!


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