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Has your pelvic floor experienced trauma, labour, and/or inflammation? 

Do you have self doubts regarding “down there”? 

Do you find yourself stuck on where to begin?

The Restore Your Pelvic Floor Workbook was designed by Kinesiologist, Johanna Sophia, and pelvic floor physiotherapist, Kaitlin Turner, to help women restore  and strengthen their pelvic floor and confidence. 

The pelvic floor is responsible for supporting your organs, stabilizing your pelvis, stopping incontinence, and enhancing sexual pleasure. This workbook will guide you through the three layers of the pelvic floor, the pelvic floor’s purpose, and give you a schedule to follow to restore it! *This workbook is suitable for any stage of life - giving birth is not a prerequisite to using this workbook!

The Restore Your Pelvic Floor Workbook will…

… nurture you to have a good relationship with your pelvic floor

… guide you through exercises to strengthen it

… navigate you through a three stage program to successfully restore your pelvic floor 

… boost and build your confidence through awareness and journal entries

A woman’s body is resilient and beautiful. Treat your body with kindness and patience. Bounce FORWARD by using the Restore Your Pelvic Floor Workbook.