Stay Snatched This Summer With these LOW CALORIE Alcoholic Beverages| My Top 6 Picks

Stay Snatched This Summer With these LOW CALORIE Alcoholic Beverages| My Top 6 Picks

If you’re doing your best to lose those last few inches before bikini season, but still want to enjoy a patio drink here and there or a night out with friends, don’t fret! I have some cocktail suggestions that will help you keep the weight off and still enjoy time with friends

Little disclaimer: I talk a lot about “calories” in this article, not to be calorie-phobic, rather to point out that eating nutrient dense calories is much much better than drinking sugary calories. These are just a few examples of options I would order at a restaurant for this reason!

A Moscow mule (ordered differently).

Moscow mules have easily made their way to the top of my favourites list as they are refreshing, but pack a little bite because of the ginger in it. Usually a Moscow mule is made up of ginger beer, vodka, lime and simple syrup. Ask to skip the simple syrup; this will bring the drink down to only about 80 cals. I even order just ginger beer and lime at times when I want to skip the alcohol.

Vodka seltzer 

skip the tonic and go for the seltzer. Tonic actually contains a lot of calories because of the sugar in it. Ask for a lemon or lime (or both) for your vodka seltzer and give them a little squeeze, and you’re set! This option is also great for the club scene!

Glass of Champagne

Feeling fancy? Pour yourself a glass of champagne. Champagne actually packs less calories than a standard glass of wine or cocktail. If you’re not a champagne gal, try pinot noir -this dry wine contains less calories because it has a low sugar count.

Kombucha with vodka 

While this may seem like its a “healthy drink”, the alcohol really brings it away from that category. The kombucha flavour however really brings it home (especially when it’s a floral or fruity one). Most kombuchas contain 80 calories or less; that a win in the low calorie drinks department

Cesar (or Bloody Mary) Extra Spicy

The Canadian in me says Cesar! Cesar! Cesar! Every time i hit up a patio or have a date night. If you don’t know what a Cesar is, it’s basically a Bloody Mary but with Clamato (vegetable juice) instead of tomato juice. One thing I will note about a Cesar is that they often fill me up before I even get the food I ordered. This can be good and bad. Good because I could potentially eat less because of it; bad because i was taught to eat everything on my plate (darn it). I shy away from them for this reason. BUT if you’re into that sort of thing, try the drink extra spicy this will remind you to slow down on the drink and sip water in between sips!

A Scotch on the Rocks 

If you want to skip the sugary drinks all together, a scotch on the rocks is a great option, and can often get you through an entire night if you sip it slowly

Whatever your drink of choice, enjoy this beautiful sunny season! Don't worry too much about calories and do your best to make the 'healthier choice', and you'll be feeling good both inside and outside!

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